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Trying for a More Simple Life.


Trying for a More Simple Life.

Hello friends!  

I’ve been busy. Not so busy that I can’t blog, but it is what it is. I want to work harder to keep up my online presence. I feel like I have so much to share and so much creativity that needs to come out. Right now, I’m looking at my personal and professional habits and I am realizing that there’s so much about myself that I want to work on. Woah. It feels like the task is Everest and I’m at sea level. Oh man. Deep. Breaths. It inspires anxiety. 

I can do this.  

Here goes. 

One task on my personal growth list is being content with a simple life. What is a simple life, really? I guess what I am looking for is contentment with myself and what I have and what I do in the moment. That life goes slowly in many ways. That delayed gratification is a good thing and dang it I don’t need that dang apple watch. I think that living simply is different for everyone. For me, right now, it’s the idea of slowing down and letting go of the hustle. 

My stage of life, as a mother and aspiring writer and designer, it’s difficult to find the time, money, and resources to be good at anything. With a toddler and an infant it’s an accomplishment if I can find time to take a shower, let alone sit down at a computer and write and design. I’m not even allowed to be in my phone without my son wanting to look at pictures of his cousins. (There’s a chance this has been partially written while I’m on the toilet—how about that for a visual?) I love my kids, I love being a mom, and I want to spend more time engaged in their lives while they’re little. I also want to spend more time nurturing my creativity. 

In order to achieve both, I have to work on a few things. First I have to accept the fact that sometimes being creative is a slow process. The Sistine Chapel wasn’t painted in a night. My life isn’t Instagram perfect. No one’s life is. Secondly, I have to realize that consumerism won’t help me. I am the person they make ads for, and I have the credit card to prove it. Instead of drowning my sorrows in stuff, I need to be more mindful of my spending and make sure what I spend on is useful in my life. Thirdly, I have to be healthy for my babies, both mentally and physically if I want to keep up with them and be an active part of their lives. None of this requires much of me, except for the excruciating self discovery of why I feel I need to live the hustle.  

Slowing down has always been difficult for me. I hope my little experiment here helps me see why.  


a boy and his train

a boy and his train


Grow. Explore. Advocate. Part 2

Grow. Explore. Advocate. Part 2

A large part of my life is about Exploration, I want to embrace it more and find my way out of the general comfort zones that I’ve fallen into.

As a person who grew up in the literal middle of nowhere, I have a special place in my heart for nature. One of the things I love about living in California is that there are so many opportunities to explore. Maybe not right outside my front door like the olden days of my youth, but they're within a reasonable driving distance. And if I am honest, I kind of want to get out of my house before things get to "round" around here. (Looking at you belly) I also want my son to be able to experience the natural world while the air is still clean and the water is still fresh. (More on that in Advocate) 

As a kid, I had a tree that I would go to when I needed to get away from my family for a few quiet moments. Sometimes that was a lot. I had some tumultuous teenage years thanks to some severe health issues going on in my family. It was a time where I felt as though no one could, or wanted to, understand my stress. When life got to be too much I went outside. I would hike up to my tree and sit underneath it, take in the smell of the pine needles, listen to the wind flow through the valley, maybe see a hawk or hear the far away sound of a semi-truck go down the highway. It was grounding. I felt connected to something that was bigger than myself. In those moments my problems seemed smaller. This feeling continues as I get older. When life, inevitably, gets difficult I desire to be outside. 

I... want my son to be able to experience the natural world while the air is still clean and the water is still fresh.

I am lucky that I found a life partner that feels similarly about nature. (Now if I could just get him to slow down on hikes, ha) That's probably the benefit of finding love in Colorado though. We have dreams of going on long hikes with our kids when they get older. We love just being outside. 

This love for nature has also found it's way into my design work. It's difficult for me to make a design that isn't inspired by something from the Earth. It was even the inspiration for this website and business. I have to be true to myself, and a large part of that is nature. 

For the Explore portion of my goals this year I hope to: 

~Get out and get into nature more. It could be difficult with a baby coming in August, but I am going to do what I have to do. I also have a toddler, so it's not like I am going to be hiking to mountain summits any time soon. It's amazing what a small nature trail and some fresh air will do to the soul though. 

~Find my tribe. I know that I am not the only knitter out there who feels similarly about nature. Look at all the designers who use nature to inspire their work. It's a part of the fabric of our DNA. I want to look for people who understand the need to be outside by searching out knitting groups, and more local yarn stores. 

~Seek out instruction. We all need mentors. Lord knows I could use one in my life. (He just rolled his eyes and said, "Yes, find this woman a guru... stat" at least I think he did) I want this business to go somewhere, and I am not going to be able to do that on my own. As much as I love being a quiet loner. 

~Experiment with new patterns and techniques. This sounds a lot like growing. Sorry. Some of the ideas bleed over into each other. But a part of exploration is experimentation and growth. I want to try patterns that I've been afraid to in the past. Or look for new techniques that help streamline the pattern making/ knitting processes. 

A large part of my life is about Exploration, I want to embrace it more and find my way out of the general comfort zones that I've fallen into. They're lonely, and I miss my people. 

Part 3 is a post you won't want to miss. Keep your eyes out for my post about Advocating.